Single-session mindfulness training may promote group cohesion

Tappen, K. C. (2013). Brief Mindfulness Training: Can a Single Session of Mindfulness Influence Altruism, Trust and Cooperation Among College Students? (Doctoral dissertation, Indiana University of Pennsylvania). Abstract.

Excerpts: The psychological, physical, and interpersonal benefits of mindfulness have been researched extensively over the last three decades; however, the majority of studies have investigated these benefits in the context of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a group intervention requiring an extensive time commitment that may deter certain populations (e.g., college students) from participating.

Brief mindfulness training is an area emerging in the research, and though studies have shown promising results, they are few in number. If programs consisting of shorter time demands can also lead to benefits in functioning, it would support their utility and might lead to greater interest and participation among those who cannot commit to a full MBSR program.

54 females and 41 males participated in the present study, which examined the benefits of a single-session mindfulness intervention conducted with college students. Potential mechanisms through which a single-session mindfulness intervention may be effective were also explored.  …  A positive relation was found to exist between levels of state mindfulness and feelings of connectedness among group members. This finding suggests that interventions that foster mindfulness may also promote group cohesion. Thus, increased feelings of connection may be a beneficial outcome of single-session mindfulness.


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