Tibetan sound meditation and cognitive impairment among breast cancer patients

Milbury, K., et al., (2013). Tibetan sound meditation for cognitive dysfunction: results of a randomized controlled pilot trial. Psycho‐Oncology. Epub ahead of inclusion in an issue. DOI: 10.1002/pon.3296. Abstract.

Excerpts: Although chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment is common among breast cancer patients, evidence for effective interventions addressing cognitive deficits is limited. This randomized controlled trial examined the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a Tibetan Sound Meditation (TSM) program to improve cognitive function and quality of life in breast cancer patients.

Forty-seven breast cancer patients (mean age 56.3 years), who were staged I–III at diagnosis, 6–60 months post-chemotherapy, and reported cognitive impairment at study entry were recruited. Participants were randomized to either two weekly TSM sessions for 6 weeks or a wait list control group. Neuropsychological assessments were completed at baseline and 1 month post-treatment.

Relative to the control group, women in the TSM group performed better on the verbal memory test and the short-term memory and processing speed task and reported improved cognitive function, cognitive abilities, mental health, and spirituality at the end of treatment but not 1 month later.

This randomized controlled trial revealed that TSM program appears to be a feasible and acceptable intervention and may be associated with short-term improvements in objective and subjective cognitive function as well as mental health and spirituality in breast cancer patients.

Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


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