Mind, body, and spirit self-empowerment for women with breast cancer

Kinney, C. K., Rodgers, D. M., Nash, K. A., & Bray, C. O. (2003). Holistic healing for women with breast cancer through a mind, body, and spirit self-empowerment program. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 21(3), 260-279. Full text.

This article reports results of an integrated mind-body-spirit self-empowerment program for breast cancer survivors. Fifty-women at various stages of breast cancer completed a series of eclectic lessons offered in a support group format. The followed an integrated and cumulative lesson plan that progressively and systematically introduced multiple strategies creating a balance among mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

The program’s goals were to enable to experience a reduction in distress, improve perceived quality of life, reach a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life and experience a greater sense of perceived wellness. Self-assessments were obtained on four well-documented measures to both pre- and postprogram participation. Differences in pre- and postscores showed statistically significant and large estimated effect sizes on all four measures. Participants’ written comments provide examples of the scope and of the program.