Mindfulness as antidote to pressures and information overload in the workplace

Bashford, S. (2012). Mindfulness: helping employees to deal with stress. Personnel Today Online.

“The UK’s first Mindfulness at Work conference [was] organised by Mindfulnet … The message from the event was that mindfulness, a meditation-based approach to stress management, can provide an antidote to the relentless pressure and information overload that exists in many UK businesses. It can also help employees thrive under stress and relate better to colleagues or clients.

“The growing body of evidence in this area (there are approximately 30 to 40 peer-review papers published each month) is compelling and explains the increasing interest in mindfulness business training. Organisations including Transport for London (see case study) eBay, Google, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential, the Home Office, the NHS and London Business School have all launched mindfulness programmes.

“However, while the conference attracted globally respected speakers … corporate occupational health practitioners were noticeable by their absence. Instead, the push to introduce mindfulness to the corporate environment is typically being led by individuals in senior management, who have personal experience of the benefits.” >>>more