Increases interpersonal synchronicity

Haas, A. S., & Langer, E. J. (2014). Mindful Attraction and Synchronization: Mindfulness and Regulation of Interpersonal Synchronicity. NeuroQuantology, 12(1). Abstract.

We sought to test whether mindfulness can increase interpersonal synchronicity. To achieve this, a novel method was developed to measure complementary cognition and behavior in dyads. Pairs of individuals in a mindful treatment and control group were asked to converse in pairs, separate and complete another task, and return to talk again when they felt ready. Control group pairs returned in a relatively uniform amount of time, while mindful pairs displayed a higher level of differentiation.

Mindfully primed partners enjoyed the second conversation more, were rated as being more comfortable with each other, and often returned closely together. Individuals and pairs high in trait mindfulness also had increased enjoyment. Additionally, the mindful group showed a physiological matching in the closeness of their heart rate.

These results suggest that mindfulness, when present, can regulate coordination dynamics and increase interpersonal synchronicity.