Improves academic performance by middle school students

Tang, Y. Y., Tang, R., Jiang, C., & Posner, M. I. (2014). Short-Term Meditation Intervention Improves Self-Regulation and Academic Performance. Journal of Child Adolescent Behavior, 2(154), 2. Full text (open access).

From the Abstract. Research has found that improved higher effortful control, a measure of self-regulation, improves performance of middle school students. Integrative body-mind training (IBMT) has been shown to improve attentional networks related to self-regulation. We hypothesize that an IBMT intervention will improve academic performance of adolescents.

Students age 13-18 were recruited from middle and high school in Beijing, China and randomly assigned to either IBMT or a relaxation training control (RT). Students were given 6 weeks of IBMT intervention with 30 min per day at school. The improved performance in attention and aspects of academic performance were measured.

Compared to RT, IBMT intervention showed significantly greater improvement in attention and in academic performance (scores of literacy, math, and second language).