Mindfulness may mitigate sexual insecurities

Dunkley, C. R., Goldsmith, K. M., & Gorzalka, B. B. (2015). The potential role of mindfulness in protecting against sexual insecurities. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 1-12.

From the Abstract. Previous research has identified the detrimental effects of sexual insecurities on various sexual outcomes. However, few studies have investigated factors that may protect against the development and maintenance of these insecurities. Mindfulness has shown promise in promoting sexual well-being in several recent investigations, and may play a role in protecting against sexual insecurities and enhancing sexual satisfaction.

Therefore, the goal of this investigation was to determine whether mindfulness was related to reduced sexual insecurities and whether mindfulness mediated the relationship between sexual insecurities and sexual satisfaction. An online survey measuring sexual insecurities, sexual satisfaction and mindfulness was administered to female (n=687) and male (n=334) undergraduate students.

… [Our] findings suggest that mindfulness may promote sexual satisfaction and mitigate sexual insecurities in men and women. Investigating the efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions in the reduction of sexual insecurities represents a promising area of future research.