Parents of children with ASD

Rayan, A., & Ahmad, M. (2016). Effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions on quality of life and positive reappraisal coping among parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 55. 185–196. Published online. Abstract and tables.


  1. (QOL) is considered a critical outcome for measuring the effectiveness of intervention programs for parents of children with (ASD).
  2. To date, little is known about the effectiveness of MBI on QOL and coping in parents of children with ASD.
  3. MBI can improve psychological and social domains of QOL and enhance coping in parents of children with ASD.
  4. Parents who non-judgmentally respond to their children are expected to report better QOL and positive stress reappraisal coping.
  5. The MBI should be considered as a supportive intervention to help parents of children with ASD.

ASD = autism spectrum disorder
MBI = mindfulness-based interventions
QOL = quality of life