Strengthening disconnectedness between self and nature

Unsworth, S., Palicki, S. K., & Lustig, J. (2016). The Impact of Mindful Meditation in Nature on Self-Nature Interconnectedness. Mindfulness, 1-9.

Previous research has shown that mindfulness and spending time in nature are both related to perceived self-nature interconnectedness, with implications for environmental and psychological well-being.

… Results from pre- and post-trip surveys showed that the combined influence of mindful meditation in nature on self-nature interconnectedness is greater than nature exposure that does not include mindful meditation. One focus of the present research was to examine cognitive dimensions of nature connectedness, given that mindfulness meditation is based on cognitive processes such as selective attention.

… Together, the results from the present research suggest that mindful meditation in nature can be used to re-establish or strengthen concepts of self-nature interconnectedness nature for urban adults.

See Abstract for research design details.

Compassion in the classrom through meditation and mindfulness

Stanley, T. E. (2012). The empty classroom: Using symbols to explore kindness and connection. Master of Arts thesis. Naropa University, Boulder, CO. Full text.

From the Abstract: As part of this project, I explored the practice of meditation and mindfulness with myself and with my students to see, if even in small ways, I could help them to rediscover an ethic of compassion and reciprocal care.

Over the course of several months, I developed activities and projects that built toward a greater understanding of interconnectivity and mutual respect between people. In doing so, I tried to provide them with a renewed understanding of “kind”-ness that recognizes all of the human family as more similar than different.

By having an intuitive understanding of how our minds generate meaning, it was my goal that students would see how it is possible to modify thought patterns and choose stories and symbols that unite instead of separate.